GIS Consulting

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have conquered the world
Surely this is the case? The appreciation of the importance of location is now ubiquitous. Our devices clamour to tell us (and everyone else) where we are. Every digital event can be geo-tagged. Mainstream IT solutions routinely support the geospatial dimension of data. Maps have almost become the default idiom for information discovery online. Geography has risen up from dusty map rooms to become the shiny future.

And yet…
Do we exploit the value of geo-data?
There remains huge untapped potential for organizations and businesses to gain benefit from GIS. The marketing message devised in the 1990’s, when GIS emerged from the primordial swamp of academia into the sunlit forest of commerce, remains valid: most data contains locations. Taking care of the geospatial dimension of enterprise data delivers improved decision making, cost efficiency and better services.
These things have not stopped being true. But are we doing it?

Perhaps not enough. Obstacles include:

  • data quality
  • incompatible tools
  • ineffective use of reference data
  • belief in technology as magic bullet, ignoring the necessary role played by people

This apparent all-conquering nature of location technology itself creates a problem. The abundance of free information argues against the need for investment in GIS. However, a strategic approach is needed to avoid the pitfalls and navigate to GIS nirvana. Geocake can help any organization, huge or tiny, unlock the inherent value of its geographic information. Get in touch and get your slice.