Solution Architecture

I am a TOGAF 9 Certified solution architect with a depth of experience in analysing the inner workings of organisations and departments to characterise ‘as is’ system relationships and identify transformational roadmaps. I understand the importance of mapping between business objectives, data objects, business processes and application components in order to visualise the IT estate and highlight where enhancements can be made.

Having worked in the most complex of enterprise architecture environments I understand the challenges faced by organisations in surviving the tangle:

  • system complexity
  • multiple incompatible technologies
  • ‘end of service life’ solutions
  • intra-organisation factions
  • resistance to change
  • bespoke development vs. best of breed
  • avoiding vendor lock-in vs. total cost of ownership of open source options
  • strategic idealism vs. fire fighting

My ethos for solution architecture is simplicity. Seeking simplicity in the target architecture and simplicity in the means of communication to all audiences. Detailed ArchiMate and UML diagrams are fine but sometimes a simpler approach is more effective to convey architectural issues to an audience. I seek to avoid architect overkill.